Dear Community,
We are excited to announce that the smart contract for our project has been audited and approved by Block Safu, a reputable third-party firm specializing in blockchain technology and smart contract development.
The audit covered all aspects of the smart contract, including its codebase, security features, and functionality. Block Safu's thorough review process involved extensive testing and analysis to ensure that our smart contract is reliable and secure.
With this approval, we can confidently move forward with the next phase of our project, knowing that our smart contract has been fully vetted by a reputable third-party auditor. We are committed to building a trustworthy and secure platform for our community, and we believe that this approval is a critical step in that direction.
Thank you for your continued support, and we look forward to sharing more updates with you soon.
Best regards,
Company: 🟢 Block SAFU Link: 🔗 Contract Approved


To ensure the security of our community, we have implemented (KYC) for our token. We understand the importance of ensuring the safety of our community. Stay tuned for more information and updates. Thank you very much for your continued support of our project!
Company: 🟢 Pinksale
Link: 🔗KYC Approved


The SAFU Contract is a smart contract that serves as a safety net for users' funds in case of unforeseen events such as hacking or other security breaches. It is a reserve fund that Coinsult maintains to protect its users' assets from potential losses due to security incidents.
In the case of the NutriFit Project, the SAFU Contract ensures that users' funds are safe and secure while they participate in the platform's activities. This gives users peace of mind and helps to build trust in the NutriFit ecosystem, which is essential for the project's long-term success.
Company:🟢 Coinsult
Link: 🔗: SAFU Approved